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With things I can't really tell or can I?

So... have a song instead?




2014-12-27 08:41:19 by anton-raadschelders

I feel old. Better make myself feel younger.

It never ends ( ´ω`)b

The final Simgirl game. 100% complete.
Great game, nice random events and some more expanded ideas from the last few betas.
Still a little sad you can't really do the childhood friend route, but still you can finally get Karin.
She's the one for me. Tomoko is a slut, and I seriously don't give a fuck about her. Kotomi is pretty good but also a little akward.

No in my view Karin is the true best happy ending. You should do that route and see for yourself.
But I also like Karin the most so.. yeah.. I like a little flatter more petite body. So that's why I hate Tomoko so much.
The guy is planning for another game. I sure do hope it's not gonna take 10 years to complete. But I can wait, or try the betas if they come out. Only thing I would like to see in a sequel is MOAR LOLIS!!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!! Because Karin was the only one with a smaller and flatter body.

Something like this;

Finished it completely


2008-03-30 04:13:55 by anton-raadschelders

Starting to get big with my band; Can't wait to become a rock star. Well atleast close because I like all kinds of metal more. Guitars are my life so yeah.

k.. Rock on guys :3