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Finished it completely

Posted by anton-raadschelders - December 17th, 2012

The final Simgirl game. 100% complete.
Great game, nice random events and some more expanded ideas from the last few betas.
Still a little sad you can't really do the childhood friend route, but still you can finally get Karin.
She's the one for me. Tomoko is a slut, and I seriously don't give a fuck about her. Kotomi is pretty good but also a little akward.

No in my view Karin is the true best happy ending. You should do that route and see for yourself.
But I also like Karin the most so.. yeah.. I like a little flatter more petite body. So that's why I hate Tomoko so much.
The guy is planning for another game. I sure do hope it's not gonna take 10 years to complete. But I can wait, or try the betas if they come out. Only thing I would like to see in a sequel is MOAR LOLIS!!!!!!!! MOAR!!!!! Because Karin was the only one with a smaller and flatter body.

Something like this;

Finished it completely

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Those were some good times.

Those were some good times.

Good times never fade.

You know, it was the completion of that game that inspired me to work on mine. ;_;

Lol, well it did something to me too. I felt the huge urge to go back to playing VNs again. Currently busy with other games and lots of RPGmaker games which I tenderly love like loving lolis, but after completing that game I was like omfg, shit I miss VNs! Good thing im subbed on YT on some japanese guys who post videos about new games coming out. Im glad that you also got inspired to do something. Btw which character did you like the most? As you know Karin is the only one for me <3


What's your band called?

Sulphur Smoke. Sadly, I can't find a decent records studio in the netherlands. Costs a lot of money too. No albums sadly. Did try something on bandicamp, but file got corrupted. We play mostly for ourselves or on invitation and we aren't really looking to make it a full time job. It's more a hobby, but we get some money out of it. TL;DR we aren't really ''popular'' with massive groups of fans or anything.
I also don't want that. We like to stay under the radar now.

When I finish building the Fucking Dino Club in Neo-FH City, remind me to give your band an all-expenses paid performance tour. :P

How's stuff?

Alright. Been playing some games lately, mods etc, having my once in a year vacation ( sadly one week left ) and I quit drinking for 1 month now :D How are you doing?