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Stick Fighter RPG Stick Fighter RPG

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I was pretty neat. The soundtracks were really sweet though. But it was sorta slow paced on points where it shouldn't be slow. Like for example the broken down house you fall back to after each adventure. It also takes a few seconds to really get that running kicking in. Not bad though. But there are certainly a lot of things this can be improved upon.

ExtinctionGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Hearing what everyone would tweak about the game does help me in the long run.

King of the Ocean King of the Ocean

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I really like the upgrade descriptions. :D

Book of Fate (Version 2!) Book of Fate (Version 2!)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are Colonel Slinkerman, the depraved goblin raider. Your true fate is to confuse the fuck out of Perfect Cell.

You are N***a Cracky-chan, the geriatric yukkuri. Your destiny is to show your penis to the communist ninjas. <- Really good roll.

You are Mushashi Hanzo, the gun maniac hentai artist. The Fates foretell that you will fuck up an army of 50,000 lolicons.

You are Shinobu Solokovich, the deviant noble. The Fates foretell that you will watch hentai with a squad of SPESH MEREEHNS.

You are Hambley Hogan, the deranged shotgun-wielding priest. The web of Fate binds you to show your butthole to Abbadon the Despoiler.

You are Samwell Leghorn, the mechanical ninja entrepreneur. The web of Fate binds you to outlast an army of 10,000 deranged lolis.

You are Deshel McGoonie, the 16-bit catgirl who likes karaoke. Your ultimate fate is to pilot a Precursor battleship into the pantheon of Norse Gods.

You are Markley Smith, the murderous skeleton marine. It is written in the Slab of Destiny that you will hire a gang of demons to kill the British Empire.

You are Ken McCoy, the immaculate manchild. It is written in the Slab of Destiny that you will get pregnant with an army of 10,000 deranged lolis. <- My sides left the universe.

You are Heillmann Miranda, the pure evil catgirl who likes karaoke. It is written in the Necronomicon that you will get into a secret love affair with Jesus.

You are Fujiwara Mario, the meth-dependent /tg/ elf. The Elder Scroll decrees that you will draw really absurd hentai of some kind of loli airplane machine.

You are Sir McSlut, the 16-bit youkai. Your ultimate fate is to hire a gang of demons to kill the KGB.

You are Andy LeFou, the boring fucktard. You are fated to write really fucked up fanfiction about a Tyranid Hive Fleet.

You are Billy-Bob Earlsach, the tsundere Yakuza soldier. An ancient prophecy states that you will lead a forgotten beast from the unknown depths of the earth.

You are Raiden Hayate, the shitfaced action figure. It is written in the Necronomicon that you will bathe in the blood of the Demon Queen of Hell.

You are Danky Flintstone, the genius fucked-up catgirl. The web of Fate binds you to seduce a squad of SPESH MEREEHNS.

You are Sperg von Schottler, the stab-happy edgelord. Your ultimate fate is to join forces with Sanic da Hoogheheg.

You are Dopey Earlsach, the fuckfaced daemon. It is written in the Necronomicon that you will play the most epic game of Go with a loli vampire.

Aaaaand last one ( I had really so many awesome ones, but I cannot post em all ofcourse)

You are Makarov Ivanovich, the crazy-awesome lolicon. It is written that only you will have sexual intercourse in the missionary position with an army of 10,000 deranged lolis.

Goddamn though, this one is definitely better than the first one. Better combinations for sure.

FH Christmas Party 2016 FH Christmas Party 2016

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Merry H-lolidays everyone! Blow up lots of stuff, I mean fireworks and have a drunken good time!

Also sorta p.s. seems there are more members in FH now or what? I hope, it's always better to have more crazies together. Endless fuel for energetic weirdness and all that.

Ahem, it's really been a while since I last posted a comment. Glad it's on Yom's creation collab.
Have a good one y'all! Cheers.

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Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I always get lost in these games lol. But, the scenes where nice, honestly I thought the zoom in with the UP button was broken, but apperantly it doesn't zoom in very much. I think I encountered around 10 or so enemies, and there's 25 of them. I guess I played 50% of the demo. Im never really a fan of playing a female character. I know, it's a 18+ game, but apperantly all these platformers have female protags.. Like what the hell's up with that?
Yeah I can waste hours playing this heh.

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Viking Warfare Viking Warfare

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's nice, but apperantly there's a bug when if you somtimes want to try hard before even doing it on easy before, the game doens't register the win and you have to do it over again. It happens with level 4 till 10. Also im pretty sure the balance in level 10 is all over the world. You have to really tweak around with your upgrade stars and tower placement and then you can still get fucked by RNG and AI shooting the wrong enemies.
I can't seem to completely block out ALL enemies. There's at least 1 going past my defenses by the so called bullshit RNG and AI flaw. And the druid tower is good, but if the enemies don't stand close to another, the multi attack doesn't get triggered, and instead just attacks one single enemy.
Slow rate of fire is also killing. I don't even mention the arrow tower wasted DPS, but that's also a thing.
I think I've replayed level 10 around 10(lol) times now. And or an elite viking or those fast fuckers get through. One time I only had to kill those two fire horns, but NOPE said my DPS and RNG+AI.
Welp 10 HP gone at the last few seconds, Medal again denied.

Then I said to myself, fuck this.

Liege Liege

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I sacrificed myself to the angry Gods to appease them for the people. 10/10

Ikimono High 2: Monster girls dating sim Ikimono High 2: Monster girls dating sim

Rated 5 / 5 stars

More Hidzume! Man I really liked the first game, and this sequel is as good as the other, maybe slightly better for added characters. Looking forward for the third installment <3

Love at first bite Love at first bite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My kind of game. No matter that it's a little cheesy, I have a weak spot for monster girls, and I damn well enjoyed going through this little love story as much as I could. Thank you Kolton, can't wait for sequels or other monster girl VNs. Somehow Hanako reminds me of Ray-Kbs's monster girls, also the name is a hint towards the girl from the ring.

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=Hentai Adventure Game 2= =Hentai Adventure Game 2=

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The whole story was so random that it somehow was incredibly fun to play. Also I was a F.E.A.R. soldier I think, first person mid checkpoint seemed familiar. I didn't really pay attention to the fast credits :D Playing these old ass games feels good somehow. Nostalgia most likely. The good kind.

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